In Poland, the percentage of juvenile mothers has not decreased for several dozen years. Every year, about 20,000 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 give birth to children. 7% of maternal mothers in Poland are underage girls. This is statistical data. However, no one knows how many girls decide to have an abortion. Nobody follows the fate of adolescent parents. There is a change in customs, including a reduction in the age of sexual initiation.

Three-quarters of the pupils surveyed believe, that love is enough to sleep with each other, but 38% that sex requires neither love nor marriage. It’s a pity that the knowledge of sex life is drawn mainly by the media (pornographic websites) and from peers. It must be assumed that the knowledge and awareness of youth in the field of contraception leaves much to be desired. Every tenth 15-year-old admits that he has already begun sex life. So in an average class of 30 people in primary school, three students are already initiated. Most often without any contraception. When asked about the feeling of a fifteen-year-old mother, 70% of girls and 58% of boys reply that they have compassion. Who is responsible for this? After all, we have universal sexual education as part of Family Life Education.

According to statistics, 90% of Poles believe that classes in sexual education should be conducted at school. Sexual education of children and adolescents is, first and foremost, the duty of parents and guardians – 2/3 of Poles express this opinion. Are we fulfilling this duty as parents? How many of us, adults, openly talk to adolescents about sex or contraception? Do we know what our child thinks about it? Or maybe we mainly limit ourselves to scaring sex? The subject of sex education still raises a lot of controversy and emotions. But do not statistical data testify to the failure of us adults?

This blog article was contributed by our partner “Stowarzyszenie Nowa Kultura i Edukacja” from Poland.

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