WHO Regional Office for Europe and BZgA. Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe.

Many teachers, parents and youth workers ask for guidelines that show age appropriate approaches to sexual eduaction. Therefore the WHO teamed up with the Federal Centre for Health Education in Germany (BZgA) and developed and published a framework for Standards for sexual education in Europe.

This framework is directed towards policy makers, educational institutions, health services and other experts.

What’s in the framework?

In the first part you can learn the background and purpose of in-school sexual education in Europe. Furthermore it covers the principles and outcomes, the target groups and partners as well as the basic requirements to deliver sexual education.

After this introduction, you will find a matrix that divides different topics of sexual education not only in age groups, but also into skills and attitudes that care takers may support children and teens to develop.

Some examples of the matrix:

Download the standards in different languages HERE.

Why start sexuality education at an early age?

Sexuality education is a lifelong process, but it is most essential during childhood and adolescence. If sexuality education begins at a young age, it can be proactive and help to guard against future misinformation. 

The Standards – FAQ

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