Youtube is the most popular search engine in the worldwideweb. Did you now that In fact there are 30+million daily active users on Youtube? The channel of information is often used for sex educational purposes as well. Especially Teens are searching for answers on their questions on Youtube Channels. We took some time and effort to give you a short overview of some channels that from our point of view are very resourceful for parents, educators, adults, teens and everyone who is interested of course :-).

We have found for you

  • Successful youtubers that do sexual education on their channel
  • Professionell sexual educators that provide information for
    • Teenagers and young adults
    • Adult audience
    • Educators
    • Parents

The “by accident” Sex Educators

Some teenagers and young people use Youtube as a communication platform to reach out to their – as well – young audience. It´s common that the audience – also called “followers” – are sending questions to their youtube-star to answer. As you can imagine young people have many questions related to sexuality and relationships. Some Youtubers realized that if they pay attentin to this special focus they are getting more audience – and so they are publishing on all channels, even books.

Hannah Witton – British channel

Hannah Wittons Youtube-Channel

Hannah Witton is a well-known Vlogger in UK and publishes videos about sex and relationships. She studied history and wrote her thesis about the early sexologists. In 2016 she won the Cosmopolitan Influencer award. 2017 she published the sexual education book “Doing it“, that won an award for “book of the year” and is meanwhile translated into Dutch and German. The second book “The Hormone Diaries” is to be published in summer 2019 and all about periods and contraception.

Chusita Fashion Fever – Spanish channel

Chusita Fashion Fever introduces her sexual education book

Chusita is a Spanish Vlogger, who is not only talking about fashion, but also answers questions of her followers in her series “Yo que tú”. In 2016 her sexual education book “Esto no es und libro de sexo” was published. Meanwhile it was translated into English, Italian and German. The book is for teenagers who are soon to experience their “first time”. It debunks also a lot of myths and urban legends about sex. – Furthermore you may encounter Chusita as a singer in some play lists.

Laci Green – American channel

Laci Green talking about myths about the hymen

Laci Green started as a youtuber for various topics, but got more and more engaged in the field of sexual education and also started to work for Planned Parenthood. She is very well known for her explanation videos, studied law and education. In 2018 she published a book called “Sex Plus: Learning, Loving, and Enjoying your Body.”

The professional Sex Educators

On youtube you will also find professionals who are working in the field of sexual education. Some of them offer further information on their websites or even teacher training.

Resources for teenagers and young adults

Justin Hancock – British Channel with visual content

Example for Justin Hancocks educational videos – this one is about “how to be good at sex”

Justin Hancock doesnt’t like to appear on screen though he’s fun and very good at producing low-threshold videos about various topics. Furthermore he set up for teenagers – “a guide for sex, love and you” – with great content and even manuals to download. For training courses and more teaching tools you can visit bishtraining.

#Sexedpl – Polish Channel by Influencer Anja Rubik

Trailer-Video of Sexedpl

When it comes to Poland, a lot of people might think, that sexual education must be rather conservative. The polish model Anja Rubik just launched a campaign with celebrities and published a sex ed book with sexual education experts to get the population of Poland to talk about love. Some of the videos are also subtitled in English.

Ben – Sexual Education for Boys in German

Ben talking about the size of penis

In German speaking countries sex educator Ben is well known by young boys for talking about masturbation, sexual orientation and many more topics openly. Usually his followers send him questions which he tries to answer in an informative but also entertaining way. On his website boys have the possibility to compare them with on another to answer one of the most frequent questions: Is my body normal?

Norwegian Series about Puberty

The national TV station NRK offers sexual education

The Norwegian national TV station NRK published 2015 a series about puberty on their program Newton. As its very straight forward some newspapers from abroad also talked about it. Meanwhile the videos are online and subtitled in English. Be aware that you may see actual people naked. 😉

Amaze – Animated Videos in various Languages

Amaze Videos – more info on sex ed. less weird.”

AMAZE is a collaboration between experts in the field of sex education like Advocates for Youth, Answer and Youth Tech Health that tries to create an engaging, age-appropriate, online sex education resource for 10-to 14-year-olds. As there is a network of different organizations working together, you will find even more videos on their website in South African English, Africaans, Xhosa, Korean and Spanish. They offer videos and material for teens, educators and parents.

Resources for adults

Dr. Lindsey Doe – Sexplanations from the US

Lindsey Doe introducing herself

Dr. Lindsey Doe is a sexologist and sex educator from the United States. She has been a Vlogger on Youtube with her channel “Sexplanations” since 2013 and offers more than 200 videos. All are structured into playlists. There is even one especially for professionals. Furthermore she overs a podcast.

Alyaa Gad – Health Care for the Arab World

Alyaa Gad itroducing her activities website

Alyaa Gad is an Egyptian medical doctor who studied and worked in the Netherlands until she moved to Switzerland. She works in a general medical clinic and uploads videos in Arabic or English about Sexual Health. You can find them also on her website

Ann-Marlene Henning – German Insights into Sexology

Ann-Marlene Henning answering questions form viewers – about the vulva

Ann-Marlene Henning is a German sexologist who works as a couples’ – and sex therapist. She is well known for her sexual education book for (young) adults “Make Love”. Meanwhile there is also a TV series that was nominated best infotainment with the same title. You can watch “Make Love” on Netflix. On Youtube you can find her with her own channel “Doch noch” with a rather personal touch and in a cooperation with EIS on the channel “Heisskalt informiert.

Resources for Educators

Al Vernacchio – Ted Talks about the general approach to Sexual Education

Al Vernacchio speaks about how to compare sexual intercourse with eating a pizza rather than baseball

Al Vernacchio is a human sexuality educator and consultant since 25 years and actually not famous for sex education on Youtube. But as his Ted Talks are very special and worth to see, you shouldn’t miss him.
He published various articles about youth and sexuality in magazines as well as the book “For goodness sex. Changing the Way We Talk to Teens About Sexuality, Values, and Health.” On his website you can easily find all his Ted Talks about this topic.

Nadine Thornhill – Canadian channel about the sex ed curriculum

Nadine Thornhill shows how to talk about media myths in High School

Nadine Thornhill is a Canadian Sex Educator that focusses on child and adolescent sexuality and works as parenting and education consultant. She calls herself a “friendly neighborhood sex educator” and that is absolutely right 🙂 Her audience are mostly parents, teachers and multipliers and she puts a big effort into offering age adequate advice. You will even find playlists on youtube to choose by school grade/age and curriculum.

Planned Parenthood – Parenting Tips

Planned Parenthood offers various tips to talk about sexuality and relationship

Planned Parenthood is a non profit organization that offers sexual health care in the USA. On their website they offer tools for educators to approach various topics. Furthermore they provide a lot of tips and resources for parents how and what to talk about with their kids regarding sexual education. All the information is available in English and Spanisch. On Youtube they provide a playlist with parenting tips in English and Spanish additionally.
Planned Parenthood is also a good resource for sex educators as they can find digitals tools on their website and videos to use in workshop settings. Even teens will find answers to their questions on Planned Parenthood’s website.

Cath Hakanson – Sex Ed Rescue from Australia

Cath Hakason is an Australian sexual educator who works more than 25 years in sexual health now. She has been a nurse, clinician, educator, therapist, author and much more. On her youtube channel she provides a well-structured playlist that covers book reviews as well as kid’s questions and sex ed for different age groups and teachable moments. Even more resources you will find on her website.

What else…

You may believe it or not: There are even more people and organizations providing sex education on youtube. If you find a very important resource that has to be shared please let us know immediately!

If you are interested in learning more about sexual education on youtube in a scientific manner researcher Nicola Döring published a paper on “Online Sexuality Education on YouTube: Analysis of Status Quo and Practical Recommendations for Sexual Pedagogy” in the German magazine for sexual research.

This blog article was contributed by lil* from Austria with support of all partners.

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