Sexual Orientation is a part of a person’s identity and is about who you are attracted to and want to have (sexual) relationships with. There are several categories for sexual orientations, but it’s up to you to decide to use them. Sometimes categories are helpful to clarify or address something. On the other hand categories may not fit at all your personal situation.

 „Who do you feel drawn to romantically, emotionally and sexually?“

Throughout our lives, we are learning and identifying ourselves with different ways of experiencing our desires in a more fixed or flexible way, according to self-definition and experiences we make.

We want to focus more on the discussion about how people can live together in a respectful way that sees diversity full of chances to learn from each other. Open discussion can bring connectedness and solidarity.

“A lot of people think: If I am a man, then I like women. But there are men, who like other men. There are women who like other women. There are people who like women and men. And there is much more. It’s all called sexual orientation.”

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* The common understanding of relevant terms of sexual education is an important fact in order to discuss and communicate about sexuality “unexcited”. Our goal is to open these discussions and to inform about our attitude and background. The definition of this glossary content we have agreed on as a project team to prove best practice and quality assurance.