As sex educators, we often get asked for book recommendations to talk about the birds and bees. As sexual education is a huge topic, there’s no simple answer to that question.

Sexual education already starts with talking about the colour pink and therefore talking about expectations towards a certain gender. It also begins with the question of role models, different kinds of families and talking about feelings.

If you want to open up an atmosphere to talk about topics in the field of sexuality with kids or youth, you will find a list of books and websites below.

Sometimes it is helpful to have a book to go through together with a child or to have the right website where teens can find low threshold and age-appropriate material for them to make informed decisions.

You can download the recommendations for kids, youth, parents, and multipliers in different languages here:

This documents were contributed by Stowarzyszenie Nowa Kultura i Edukacja (Polish), Conversas Associação Internacional (Portuguese) and lil* (German/English).

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