It is very easy to find information about sex online. But it is hard to find reliable information about sexuality online – espacially for teenagers or that is accessible for everyone.

The website Zanzu is closing this gap and offers vast information divided into useful sections and sub caterories such as:

  • body
  • family planning
  • infections
  • sexuality
  • relationship and feelings
  • rights and law

Every section offers the information simply explained and audible. Zanzu is very easyto use with its mobile version.
The languages you can change between are English, German, French, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Farsi, Bulgarian, Polish, Albanian, Romanian, Spanish and Dutch.

Zanzu is created by BZgA (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung), the German Federal Centre for Health Education and Sensoa, the Flemish Expertise Centre for Sexual Health. 

Screenshot von der Homepage

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