Sexual Consent…


– a voluntary, enthusiastic yes

– un-assumed

– mandatory


can be…

– verbal

– non-verbal

– withdrawn at any point

– for some things and not others


© Hannah Witton, “Doing it” p. 118

And what if you are not 100% sure that you are doing something consensual?

ASK. It takes some courage and it is not always easy to talk about your sexuality and your lust but it always pays off, for both partners.

It can also be helpful to ask yourself some questions about your own feelings, like:

“What do you need for your sexual activity to be consensual? How do you want to talk about consent with your partner? Can you express the things you really do not like within sexuality?…”

* The common understanding of relevant terms of sexual education is an important fact in order to discuss and communicate about sexuality “unexcited”. Our goal is to open these discussions and to inform about our attitude and background. The definition of this glossary content we have agreed on as a project team to prove best practice and quality assurance.