The topic of sex is often approached with an essentially negative attitude (i.e. brushing children off for asking questions, the idea of impurity vs. virginity/purity etc.). Essentially, sex positivity is the concept of sexual freedom as part of sexual and reproductive rights and gender equality. It is the common ground that we, within the ramifications of consensual adult interactions, respect peoples’ personal preferences and encourage people to be self-determined agents in their sexualities without placing moral judgement on them. The concept of sex positivity is not pro- or anti-pornography. It is inclusive and non-judgemental, and tries to help people interact with their (increasingly sexualized) environments without shame or fear. This is an important part of prevention and health promotion.

* The common understanding of relevant terms of sexual education is an important fact in order to discuss and communicate about sexuality “unexcited”. Our goal is to open these discussions and to inform about our attitude and background. The definition of this glossary content we have agreed on as a project team to prove best practice and quality assurance.