We want to talk more about the different environments people are in and the challenges they are dealing with. People that are under the situation of economic, cultural or social exclusion or that demonstrate behaviours at risk to be in a state of exclusion are vulnerable groups. To work with vulnerable groups in sexual education it needs a well-considered approach. But this is also true for every group we work with, no matter how vulnerable or not vulnerable it might seem at first. We try to focus on the things that we have in common and open up rooms for everybody to discuss and talk about topics of sexual education that are present in their life. “Vulnerable groups” is a social construct and we must be aware about the stigma that could raise when we work with that term.

* The common understanding of relevant terms of sexual education is an important fact in order to discuss and communicate about sexuality “unexcited”. Our goal is to open these discussions and to inform about our attitude and background. The definition of this glossary content we have agreed on as a project team to prove best practice and quality assurance.