Hate Speech refers to statements that are intended to insult, humiliate, or belittle individuals or groups with specific characteristics. It also often invokes violence against these people. Hate speech doesn’t happen accidentally; it is more than an insult or an unintentional choice of words. Its purpose is to belittle and destroy the “other.” Hate speech is systemical and intentionally targets people in groups who are oppressed in society. All different types of attacks (verbal or non-verbal) are even more common on the internet because they are more visible to a larger audience over a longer time period. Instruments of hate speech can include memes, videos, emojis, comments, pictures… Even if we live in a society based on polarisation, hate speech is unsocial behaviour that leads to violence.

* The common understanding of relevant terms of sexual education is an important fact in order to discuss and communicate about sexuality “unexcited”. Our goal is to open these discussions and to inform about our attitude and background. The definition of this glossary content we have agreed on as a project team to prove best practice and quality assurance.